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Toolbox blog was created to archive some of the thousands of tools that I own and use on a regular basis. As a general contractor and web host , I spend a great deal of my life in my workshop or on my computer. Toolboxblog.com documents tools that pass through my shop and has become a resource for visitors looking for information, parts, advice and other’s experience.

I am always looking for fixes, advice, opinions and reviews before I buy and sometimes later down the road. Who else owns tools from the 1900’s? I do and I use them. With your help we can develop an effective format to share our experiences.

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Documenting a tool on it’s way out of my shop. Rare as it is, I occasionally part with a tool. I decided to sell this micrometer because I haven’t reached for it in 10 years.

Starrett Micrometer #230


By no form of measure am I considered to have, use or embrace “engineering” skills. I recently bought a digital dial caliper to measure small things and I still can’t get an accurate reading on teeny tiny watch parts and whatnot. So, in the experience column we’re going to have to put none. Ok, ok.. every guy with a shop as complete as mine has and uses a micrometer from time to time. Thing about this Starrett No. 230 Micrometer.. I use a much older micrometer made by Brown & Sharpe mfg. that came in a L.S. Starrett velvet lined case.

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Fini Biscout Air Compressor Revisited

Tool: Fini Biscout Air Compressor – Revisited


I’ve already added my Fini Biscout Air Compressor to Toolboxblog.com. In that listing, I praised this  little compressor for running 20 years with no maintenance. A seeming anomaly in the modern world of motorized tools.

A year after I left my little compressor outside for the moth of January, I decided to restore it only to find it works perfectly… now 23 years ~ no maintenance~!!!

Hurricane Sandy split a large tree, half of which fell on that fateful October. The other half waited until 21 December, 2012 before it crushed a portion of my neighbor’s house. I used my trustworthy Fini Biscout to help reassemble the house in time for Santa’s visit. Job well done but.. cut huge tree out of bedroom and rebuild 25% of a house in two days must have frazzled my brain because I left my Fini Biscout compressor on that job site. …from 24 Dec… until I found it a moon later.. through many snow and rain storms. It was dead. Read more »

Sorry Makita, I really wanted to like my Makita LS1013FL saw

I tried to love my Makita LS1013FL but it’s done broke and a bugger to boot. Whatever that means.

I haven’t visited my own ToolboxBlog.com in a while. I use tools everyday. One of my favorite tools is my pocket knife. I lost my two everyday knives and feel the loss everyday. Anyway, I’m revisiting the Makita LS1013FL which I previously talked about here on ToolboxBlog.com.

While I still love the motor.. it’s smooth start and finish… the easy push-pull …up and down… and side to side… But WHAT THE HELL WAS MAKITA THINKING when they put the angle indicator at the fence?


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A Starrett Dial Bore Gauge… What is this tool?

A site visitor named Christopher wrote to me asking for information on this Starrett tool:

Yes I am a machinist in training been involved in lots of cnc maching some manual for 5 years now and have found a id mic or bore gage with very sharp points just need to have an idea what it really is because it seems to do very large diameters but I cant really use it do to I can not scratch my parts all I know is the owner used to be a diesel mechanic if you can help me out it will be much appreciated… …here are some pics that I have of this mint condition dial bore gage hope this helps me out much appreciated been looking for a website for this for a while now… thank you very much

Any ideas on this Starrett dial bore gauge; comment below, thanks.

North Brothers Yankee Handyman No. 133H

Tool: Yankee Handyman No. 133H, North Brothers Manufacturing Company

As usual, before I write about a tool on ToolboxBlog.com, I do a bit of online research to see what other’s are saying. Thanks to Ron’s Woodshop, I learned a little about the number system with this old Yankee driver. If Ron is correct, the number 1 in the model No. 133 indicates this driver has a spring. So, it is a model 33 with a spring, making it No. 133H.
I do recommend checking out Ron’s page on Yankee drivers solely for the video at the end where, neglecting to pre-drill, he struggles to drive screws into a board with two Yankee drivers. I watched the video because it says for the “bloody-minded” but I never did see him rip any skin. Oh well, I don’t really like horror movies anyway and I’ve ripped more skin in a year than the average human does in a decade.  Read more »