SENCO FinishPro 41XP 15ga. Finish Nailer

Tool: Senco FinishPro 41XP Finish Nailer

Uhm, I’ve been putting this review off. Why? Because this pneumatic nail gun is a Senco and it’s so lightweight and very good looking but there’s something about it’s action and shape I can’t get used to. As the primary means of fastening my work, the finish nailer is my most important pneumatic.


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Bostitch H2B Hammer Tacker

Tool: Bostitch H2B Hammer Tacker

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One of the best tools in my truck is the Bostitch H2B Hammer Tacker. This is such a great tool that it’s almost a shame it’s a stapler. If they stopped making the H2B, I feel badly for everyone that has to tack on house wrap, staple insulation or apply roofing felt. This is by far, the best hammer tacker I know of.


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Zyliss Profi-King Plus Vise

Tool: Zyliss Profi-King Plus Vise

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Wow, I didn’t know this vise was so popular until I looked it up today. I’ve owned a Zyliss vise for 20 years. When I picked it up at a tag sale I thought it might be for waxing skiis but I put it to use in my wood shop and haven’t replaced it yet. This is a well build Swiss tool.


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Stanley 33-425 Powerlock 25-Foot Measuring Tape

Tool: Stanley 33-425 Powerlock 25′ Measuring Tape. Aka, Tape Measure.

I’m the guy they made the tape measure for. Seems like measuring is all I do. I measure so often, I hang my tape squarely between my legs. Seems like everyone I know uses a different tape but I’ve stuck with the same Powerlock for ages. I don’t mind the newer Stanley 33-525 but I still buy the same old tape for a few reasons.


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Porter-Cable FR350A Framing Nailer

Tool: Porter-Cable FR350A Round Head 2-Inch to 3-1/2-Inch Framing Nailer
Date of Service: November 2005

A cheap tool in a pinch. That’s what I considered my Porter-Cable FR350A when I bought it in 2005. Since then it has proven to be a solid performer despite it’s awkwardly large frame.


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6-Inch Combo Square

Tool: 6″ Combo Square

Many manufacturers offer combo squares in a variety of materials but the tool remains the same. One of my favorite tools in my belt, which I’ve carried for years, is the 6″ combo square. Sure, I use larger combo squares regularly but the 6″ is in my pouch ready for gauging and marking at any moment  …those moments come all day long at my job.


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Keuffel & Esser Antique Tape Measure

Tool: Keuffel & Esser Antique Leather/Cloth Tape Measure

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This Keuffel & Esser Cloth Tape Measure is the first antique tool posted on and with it comes a story of Woodworker’s fate. I’m talking about two kinds of fate here; the kind which befell the original owner and the kind which landed his tools in this woodworker’s hands.

A Keuffel & Esser Tape Measure was included in the 1939 World’s Fair Time Capsule.

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Bostitch N64C – Industrial Coil Siding/Fencing Nailer

Tool: Stanley Bostitch N64C – Industrial Coil Siding/Fencing Nailer
Date of Service: August 2003

The Bostitch N64C is a pneumatic coil nailer specifically for designed for fencing and siding nails. 15-Degree Wire Collated Hot Dipped Galvanized Ring Shank Coil Nails are grippy little bastards that aren’t likely to bend when misfired. The N64C is one of my better pneumatic nailers and my favorite siding nailer of the bunch.


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Marshalltown Trowel Co. Tie Wire Twister

Tool: Marshalltown Trowel Co. Manual Bar Tie Wire Twister

Joy Joy, this tools brings memories! I got my start in construction in an earthquake city. Tying rebar became second nature work and was repetitive to the point of achy fingers. This bar tie twister has fixed dozens of spools of bar ties. I own a few of these twisters but, thankfully, they haven’t seen the light of day in years.


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