Bosch 3915 10 inch Compound Miter Saw

Tool: Bosch 3915 10-inch Slide Compound Miter saw

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The single most important tool for my work is the sliding compound miter saw. The Bosch 3915 that I have used for the last decade replaced my aged Hitachi C8F. I remember deciding on the German/American Bosch saw and I didn’t go wrong.



  • 10-inch slide compound miter saw with dual guide rails for accuracy
  • 13 amp, 2.8-horsepower motor; 3-inch wide sliding base extends base and fence to 28-inches
  • Aluminum base; all ball-bearing construction
  • Includes saw, 60-tooth carbide blade, dust bag, work clamp, blade change wrench, hex wrench, table-inserts
  • 52 by 15 by 11-1/2-inches; 64-1/2-pounds; 1-year warranty

The 10″ Bosch sliding miter saw has been my #1 for a long time, recently resigned to my shop in favor of the new Makita LS1013 for work. The Bosch 3915 and I have been in and out of the truck, up and down stairs, setup upon pump-jacks, setup on the roof, setup on the floor. I have run my company with this saw for years. It’s a nice piece of machinery and superior to yellow and orange brands by far. This is the kind of equipment a guy needs and relies on. Not only to work reliably but to be continually precise, easy to adjust repeatedly and manageable for transportation.

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A saw is a saw, right? I mean there are a dozen miter saws on the market from big name tool companies and we can expect they all will cut accurately and last us a reasonably long time. Is this General Motors vs. BMW vs. Toyota? Sort of because I liken driving one of those yellow saws to a clunky American beast and this Bosch to The Ultimate Driving Machine.

I like the detent lockout mechanism. I like the positive detents and they never clogged. The slide bearings occasionally need lube, like any, but handle a build-up of wet sawdust all day long. The motor is still running smoothly after years of service without maintenance.

I did suffer a few problem with the Bosch 3915 despite it’s overall quality. After a few years it became near impossible to push the handle downward, starting a cut. The plastic blade guard was stuck. I thought it was a bad bearing along the guard’s retracting cam but replacing it didn’t ease the lowering of the blade. The problem has been discussed and a fix posted online. The dust collection bag is around here somewhere but I haven’t seen it in years, it’s worthless.

My only real complaint has little to do with the saw and more to do with my line of work. These saws are too damn heavy and I am getting too old to lug this stuff all over the countryside everyday. To be perfectly honest weight is one reason I chose the Makita for my next saw, but I may list more complaints for that saw so be sure to read my review of the LS1013.

If I had to choose another compound miter saw, knowing the choices of Makita, Hitachi, Dewalt and Ridgid I would choose the Bosch again.

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