Porter-Cable PIN100 23 gauge pin nailer

Tool: Porter-Cable PIN100 23 gauge pin nailer

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The Porter-Cable PIN100 is one of my favorite pneumatic tools. It’s a very handy nailer and saves a lot of time assembling. I use it for that third hand I always wish I had.

Cabinetmakers take notice, It doesn’t matter if you can’t afford the Grex P635 Pinner, you should have a 23 gauge nailer in your shop.



  • Uses 23 Ga. micro pin nails from 1/2″ to 1″ long similar to Senco® models
  • Tool automatically adjusts for different fastener lengths. Easier loading and less problems with pins out of spec
  • Rear exhaust port channels air and tool oil/condensation away from work
  • Bottom load magazine holds 170 pin micro nails
  • Dual trigger feature
  • Nail reload indicator
  • Rubber comfort grip on tool handle

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The 23 gauge pin nailer is a relatively new tool in my collection. I needed one to install some prefinished kitchen moulding. Now it’s part of most of my glue-ups. A single pin can hold a corner while you set-up for a larger fastener and they are tiny enough that you can still manipulate the joint for adjustments. That is until you shoot ten pins into a glued miter. They are nearly invisible in wood. I alternate between the 1″ and 5/8″ pins constantly.

If you’ve ever done cabinets supplied with pre-finished trim then you’ll appreciate the 23 gauge nailer. Most often it’s shoot and leave it. No touch up necessary.

I love this tiny nailer and have since kind of forgotten about my brad nailer which leaves remarkable holes in comparison. The oil supplied in the carrying case leaked. The nails in the case got oil on them and when shot in dry wood leave a spot. Even with new ‘dry’ pins I am still getting a spot of oil marking the otherwise nearly invisible hole. I don’t know if this is unique to the P-C tool since this is the 1st and only 23 gauge pin nailer I own.

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PIN100 at Porter-Cable.com (Product Data)
Porter-Cable PIN100 23-Gauge Pin Nailer at Amazon.com (Better price than I paid!)

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