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Toolbox blog was created to archive some of the thousands of tools that I own and use on a regular basis. As a general contractor and web host , I spend a great deal of my life in my workshop or on my computer. Toolboxblog.com documents tools that pass through my shop and has become a resource for visitors looking for information, parts, advice and other’s experience.

I am always looking for fixes, advice, opinions and reviews before I buy and sometimes later down the road. Who else owns tools from the 1900’s? I do and I use them. With your help we can develop an effective format to share our experiences.

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One thought on “Welcome to ToolboxBlog.com”

  1. I am ready to buy a new tool cart and chest. I am looking at the Kobalt stainless steel at Lowes. Waterloo makes most kobalts, craftsman and other but they said the stainless steel one at Lowes is mage in China. This tool chest is for the handyman who likes to step it up just a bit when purchasing tools. any suggestions or reviews?

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