Fini Biscout Air Compressor

Tool: Fini Biscout Air Compressor
Date of Service: 1992

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The most important quality of my Italian-made Fini Biscout Air Compressor is the fact that it’s been in service for 17 years with no maintenance. I purchased this one in San Francisco in 1992 and I’ve been installing framing, siding and countless trim without a single day of down time.

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Experience and Comments:

Working as a finish carpenter for years, I brought this Fini compressor with me whenever one wasn’t provided. In combination with a 16 gauge Paslode this little compressor has driven millions of nails. Until about 8 years ago I used to drain the tanks at night. One of the valves got a little sticky so I cranked it shut. I checked the oil three times over the years and I think I added some once. That’s about it. This has been one maintenance-free tool that I’ve used regularly, proving it’s outstanding quality.

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I remember the day I bought it and the salesman saying “You’ll be happy with this one” and I remember thinking “What? The weird orange one I’ve never heard of before? – OK, I’ll take it.”
I couldn’t find references to other Fini compressors with the exception of a few classified ads.


Fini Compressors at (Manufacturer Data)

6 thoughts on “Fini Biscout Air Compressor”

  1. A favour please… I have the same compressor and have had troubles with the unloader valve. I have to press the on/off button to manually unload the unloader valve when the compressor reaches cut out pressure. Now I’m thinking it might be my on/off button. I’m wondering if there should be a spring connected to the bottom of the on/off button. I can send you a photo of what I mean.
    Thanks, ann

  2. I have one and it worked great, then one day I tried to move it while it was running and it got unplugged. Has not worked since. I’m thinking it something in the switch ,any idea on how to reset it ? I dont have a manual. any ideas ?

    1. from my poor memory: there was a short within that little black box, where the cord enters. I opened it and rewired the power cord and … can’t remember what else and it was back in action.
      ~ I still use the same compressor that I bought in 1993ish. I really lucked out with the Biscout.

  3. I have a Fini Biscout compresser
    Tank capacity:4.2 gallons
    work pressure:116 psi
    Hydro test:174psi
    motor power:1.5 Hp
    Tension:115/60 Hz
    I need a fan blade for the motor it got wallered out and I need a new one and a new switch box w/ the off/on button got busted and needs replaced if you could email me about the cost of these items mentioned that would be great.It has been a great little compresser,i’ve owned it over 20years now and that’s the only thing that it needs and it’s still the best small compressers that I’ve ever used and I’ve been building cabinets and furniture for over 38years and I use it mostly on the job sites that’s how it got damaged except the fan blade is just wore smooth out and I to re-place it.

    Larry Cogdell

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