Bosch 1634VS Reciprocating Saw

Tool: Bosch 1634VS Reciprocating Saw

The Bosch 1634VS is also known as the Bosch Panther. The Bosch Panther is a German tank, not to be confused with the Panzer. I don’t know of a harder hitting machine; with it’s 10.5 Amp variable speed motor and it’s hefty weight I’ve taken down houses with this one.



A heavy-duty 10.5 Amp variable speed motor with up to 2,800cpm. Without putting it on a scale, I think this saw comes in close to 10lbs. It’s a powerhouse of destruction.

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The Bosch 1634VS in these pictures was the 3rd reciprocating saw in my toolbox, replacing it’s Bosch predecessor. Since the 1634VS has been replaced by numerous newer models since I put this tool into service, little info is available online these days. I bought this second Bosch sawzall, despite it’s weight, because a Panther is much smoother and deadlier than a Tiger, if you get my drift. This saw has demolished more wood, metal, plaster, drywall and random construction material than most of my tools combined. Hold no doubts, this one is all about destruction. I never babied this one; dropped it, tossed it out of the way, dragged it by the cord over pavement, under houses, through the dirt, in the rain and still it’s as powerful as the day I bought it.

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In a way, this saw reminds me of my start in commercial construction almost 20 years ago. Each morning I’d crank up a big ol’ Bosch jack hammer and rattle away through a sidewalk, street or foundation. I remember learning to let the tool do the work… you sort of just hold on and away it goes. Well, this Bosch saw is a brute and I mean it. This is the kind of saws-all that despite it’s ultra-smooth German manufacture is a pull the trigger and hold on for life. It is significantly more powerful than any other reciprocating saw I’ve owned and requires a bit of muscle to control. I’ve taken this Panther out of my truck toolbox and carry a newer cordless sawzall but when I’m on a large remodel, this saw will be there busting things up. I prefer the German-made tools and this Bosch Panther hasn’t let me down yet with over 10 years of brutal service.


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