Ticonderoga #2 – A woodworker’s pencil of choice

Tool: Ticonderoga #2 soft pencil
Every woodworker uses pencils. The Ticonderoga #2 soft pencil is the choice for my shop. I’ve tried several other manufacturers but the Ticonderoga is a brand with a decent eraser. I got a case of pencils as a gift and ended up tossing them because I couldn’t erase mistake lines. Seems like a funny article to post but it’s one tool that is a part of every project, whether it’s carpentry, cabinetry or general woodworking. Grab a case of these and you’ll be set for a year and then some.

Ticonderoga Pencils, #2 Soft Lead, Woodgrain, Dozen at Amazon.com

Panasonic KP380-BK Classic Electric Pencil Sharpener at Amazon.com

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