Bridge City Tool Works CT-1 Squevel

Tool: Bridge City Tool Works CT-1 Squevel
Date of Service: 1993

Wow! Really one of my coolest tools. At first I thought these tools were too beautiful to use but it didn’t take me long to break them in. Today my limited edition Signature Series CT-1 Squevel is in constant use, though writing this post has brought to my attention it’s need for some TLC.



  • Handle milled from a solid 1-1/2 lb. chunk of #360 half hard, tempered brass.
  • Accurate to within 0.002″ over the 6-1/2″ blade length
  • The bevel blade length is 3-7/8″ in a 90° setting.
  • Identified with a special commemorative logo and signed by the creator, John Economaki


The Squevel! Interesting name, even more interesting construction and story behind it’s fashioning.

Buried forever in the handle of each Squevel is a 1992 U.S. penny

I received my CT-1 Squevel as a gift. It is dated 1993 and bears the makers signature and edition number. Although I own a number of bevel gauges, the precision of the short bevel blade on my Bridge City Tool is reserved for a few specific tasks. As a carpenter, I carry a bevel gauge. I should show you a picture of it because it’s wasted from being a proud tool on a belt that’s been dragged from under to atop of way too many houses. The bevel gauge, a tool that works wonder. I love it.

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Back to the shop and a different kind of bevel blade for a much more precise application. My Squevel sits next to my TS-2 Master Square. These are my fine woodworking tools and I’m not sure they’ve seen many softwoods. I read people collect these. Well, all I can say is, as predominately a case/cabinet maker in my shop I have a set of gouges that might as well be collector’s items since I never put them to use. All of my Bridge City Tool Works tools are put to use as often as my pencil. It’s a square, right? …and it’s accurate to 0.002″. I hope you enjoy reading a bit on I got really caught up in their website looking at the incredible tools. It’s 1:30am and I’m up at 6 so now it’s your turn. I have to get some sleep. Enjoy.


CT-1 Squevel at Bridge City Tool Works – discontinued product.

One thought on “Bridge City Tool Works CT-1 Squevel”

  1. Have a matching rosewood set (262-R & 263-R )

    in a walnut presintation case . Handled but never worked .

    Time for me to sell them . Would take a reasonable offer.

    Few are the beautifull rosewood .

    Also have bridge city marking guages .

    A big collection too big to mention here .

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