Stanley 46-813 Bevel Gauge

Tool: Stanley 46-813 8-Inch Solid Hardwood T-Bevel

A bevel gauge has been an essential tool in my carpenter’s belt. I don’t know how old this one is but I can tell you it’s been around the block and then some. The way this tool sticks out of my pouch means it has gotten caught on just about everything I have to squeeze through on the job, be it shrubs, a crawlspace, or a joist bay.



  • Durable steel blade coated to resist rust
  • Select, hard rock maple wood handle
  • Recessed grip area
  • Solid brass end plates
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Deciding when to use your bevel gauge is sometimes a matter of how well you know how to use the tool. When I learned carpentry it was essential for transferring so many details from existing material to new material it became a part of my belt. The T-bevel or Bevel Gauge is another one of those tools you can use without a tape measure… I have to figure out what to call processes that are reality-based operations as opposed to paper-based; Hold a board up to the opening to mark actual size VS measure opening size then measure board. A bevel gauge is great; you just set it up to an angle, tighten and transfer. If you’re curious to know what the angle is, you can check with a Speed Square.. or you can just set your saw by the bevel gauge and cut.

In combination with a good level and a speed square, angle work is easy with my Stanley 46-812 8″ bevel gauge.


Something about this not being the most expensive bevel gauge I own makes it the best bevel gauge I use. This 46-812 doesn’t have the most rigid blade and that’s a good thing. Like I said, this bevel gauge sticks out of my belt. Sometimes it gets bent, in fact it’s almost always bent a bit but easily bent back and always straight down the edge. The wood handle is not the hardest wood and therefore doesn’t splinter. I prefer to carry this 8″ hardware store bevel gauge than I do any other I own. It looks shot but it serves it’s function of providing a straight pivoting blade for recording and transferring angles. I’m not looking for a new one anytime soon. Most expensive doesn’t always mean best one for everyday use.


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Stanley 46-813 8-Inch Solid Hardwood T-Bevel

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