Workforce 1000lb. Carpeted Hardwood Dolly

Tool: Workforce 18″ x 30″ Hardwood Dolly

I picked up the Workforce Hardwood Dolly to help a friend move out of her apartment and have used it a lot more than I thought. For the price, this is a handy tool to have at home.


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  • Capacity: 1000 pound
  • Dimensions: 18″ x 30″
  • Carpeted Ends
  • (4) Swivel Casters


I bought this specifically to move some furniture in the city. It worked great to get a lot of furniture down the hall, into the elevator and rolled outside for transport. Spring cleaning? I’ve since used this dolly to move my furniture to the other side of the room and back again. Getting stuff outside is a lot easier if you don’t have a gravel driveway but it’s fine on the concrete floor of my shop and over my exterior brick walkway.

I used the dolly in my shop this week to move cabinets I was making. Shoot one together, set it on the dolly and roll it out of the way. On the dolly, painting a large piece is a lot easier since you can spin it around.


I know cobblestones are a little inappropriate but I found myself delivering a heavy blanket chest to an apartment building that has a stone driveway. Something happened to one of the wheels causing it to lock up. Fortunately, I had the same size casters and the nuts holding the casters on are on the outside so it was easily replaced.


Hardwood Dolly With Carpeted Ends Deck 30 X 18 1000 Lb. Capacity

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