Millers Falls Co 185A Push Drill

Tool: Millers Falls Co 185A Push Drill

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I lucked out when I was given a small box of tools and found this Millers Falls Push Drill with all the bits inside. Joining my small collection of push drills this particular tool is in excellent condition and I use it from time to time.

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  • rotating cap type drill point storage
  • screw chuck
  • YANKEE style drill points


Well, this is one of the few tools I can say I’m too young to know much about. I’ll bet there are plenty of old-timers who know how to efficiently handle this Yankee style push drill. Of the three push drills like this that I own, this is the one I use.

It’s kind of interesting, I have a drill press, cordless drills, corded drills and other bit spinning motors and still I keep this Millers Falls Push Drill within reach of my workbench. I guess the reason is… I think it’s cool.

The bits are stashed within the tool and the sizes are marked around the handle. Changing bits with the screw-type chuck seems easy enough to me even though the spring-type chuck is considered a design improvement.

I didn’t rate this tool like I do for others on this site simply because I don’t feel qualified to say this is anything other than a five star tool for quality, ease of use, convenient labeled bit storage, stroke length (efficiency). I’m not old enough to know any better.


Yankee Style Push Drills on – informative page.

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