H.D. Smith & Co Nut Wrench

Tool: H.D. Smith & Co Nut Wrench

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This nut wrench was owned by an upholster. His name is stamped on every tool and multiple times on each one: J. Lainc. It’s almost obsessive how many times he stamped his name on some of the handles, tool bodies and cases. Here is another turn of the century tool from his magic box.

Check out this photo showing the maker’s mark.

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Yes, I’ve used it. It’s not like I gently place this tool in some velvet case. It’s tossed in with a mess of other hand tools in my “overflow bin” – tools I haven’t hung above my workbench yet, that I use often enough to have them on the workbench shelf. It’s of a hardy breed.

Patent Marked Feb. 26 1901 this Perfect Handle Wrench must have cranked around a lot of nuts. The reverse side of this H.D. Smith Wrench is stamped 1985. Any ideas why?

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One thought on “H.D. Smith & Co Nut Wrench”

  1. I just put one of these up for auction on eBay:

    HD Smith & Co Nut Plumbing Wrench & Blacksmith Plumber’s Copper Soldering Iron – 121609549137

    To the left of the HD Smith is small numbers I saw the number 1963, but I could’t find it again. I think it might be a serial number.

    I know it is 6 years later and this may be of little interest to you but I want to thank you for keeping your information available.

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