North Bros Yankee Screwdriver No. 130

Tool: “Yankee” No. 130 by North Bros Mfg Co.

Another tool that I received as a gift in a small box of antique tools. This North Bros. Yankee Screwdriver is in great working condition though I don’t really use it. North Brothers made the original “Yankee” spiral ratchet screwdrivers with removable tips, beginning in 1899.

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  • Spring-type Chuck
  • 9/32″ Diameter Chuck Shank
  • Rapid Return
  • Introduced in 1912


Well, I certainly can’t claim to use this tool on my jobsites or even in my shop. I have a few tools that rarely see the light of day and this old North Bros antique Yankee Screwdriver is one of them. Kept in a box of other old tools, I brought this out to share with you.

This tool works great. The handle is a bit banged around from a hundred years in a tool box but the mechanics are sound… and all the bits are in the handle. Identification marks are printed on this tool.


Yankee Type Screwdrivers on

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