Sorby Micro Turning Set

Tool: Sorby Micro Turning Set

As a carpenter, I don’t get to put my lathe to much use. As a homeowner with a penchant for furniture making I get a chance to crank out a few turned pieces over the year. Even after a decade of hobby-type interest in the lathe I feel like a novice when I set a blade to the spinning material.



  • 1/8″ gouge
  • 1/4″ gouge
  • 1/4″ skew chisel
  • 1/4″ round-nose scraper
  • 1/16″ parting tool

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In 2008 I turned some legs from 12/4 stock for a 9′-long bench I made from a pine slab but that didn’t allow for the use of my Sorby ‘micro’ tools. If you look at the picture, you’ll see the cobwebs and rust that plague this quality tool set. Respected but neglected, these are supposed to be quality turning tools. (Like their nice Walnut rack?)

You don’t need a mini-lathe to use a Micro Turning Set. Soon after purchasing my 36″ Jet lathe I picked up these small-scale turning tools for the work I enjoy the most; Santa’s Christmas Workshop.

My Lathe is set off on it’s own in a small room devoted to the machine and it’s various accessories. I put off turning the legs for that slab for a long time. Sometimes the tasks we ‘have’ to do take a backseat to the projects we’d rather do.

Since I don’t turn for a living, this Sorby Micro Turning Set is reserved for the projects I like to do.

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