Millers Falls Antique Push Drill

Tool: Millers Falls Co. Wooden Handled Push Drill with Bits

My second Millers Falls Push Drill on features a wooden handle with a complete set of bits stored beneath it’s removable wooden cap. (See the other one) I’m not precisely sure where I got this Millers Falls Co. Push Drill but it’s been in my ‘abandoned tools’ box for years.

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  • Wooden Handle with Screw Cap
  • Bit Storage within Handle

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As I’ve mentioned, I’m far too young to know about using these tools on the job. I do occasionally drill a few holes with a Millers Falls Co. Push Drill. Mostly used for entertainment purposes. It’s easy and fun to use.

This Millers Falls Push Drill is in decent working condition. The handle is marked with a previous owners initials. I think it’s one of the first Millers Falls push drills but we’ll have to see. This one is marked Millers Falls but with no model number or patent ID that I can find.

If you know more about this tool please leave a comment.


Yankee style push drills on – informative page!

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