Sandvik (Bahco) Carbide Scraper

Tool: Bahco Carbide Scraper

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The Bahco Carbide Scraper is of my favorite tools! I know that may seem odd since I’m a carpenter, not a painter, but this carbide scraper does it’s job perfectly which is more than I can say for most tools. I was reunited with my lost Sandvik Carbide Scraper today prompting this gallery of my Sandvik/Bahco contractor-grade scrapers.



A great thing happened today! I had done some work for the same client years ago. Today, I needed a hex key that I didn’t have with me and checked in the client’s open toolbox in the garage where I found my Sandvik Carbide Scraper. Lest you think I was imagining it was my long lost scraper I recognized my social security number engraving. (see my dremel 290.)

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My specialty as a contractor often requires the scraping of many layers of old paint to get at the woodwork. I recently used the Bahco scraper during a large window replacement job. After prying away the window stop we removed 6′ x 6′ panels of glass before using the Bahco scraper to clean away debris, lots of old silicon and paint from the openings. This is a heavy duty tool producing fine woodworking results.

After losing my Sandvik Scraper years back I quickly replaced it. The new one says ‘Bahco’ on the handle. Hmm… could have sworn the one I lost said Sandvik. One and the same is my guess.

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This scraper is on the short list of my favorite tools. I own many different scrapers. I can’t exactly remember the specific job I bought my Sandvik scraper for but I immediately liked the results. This is a dangerous tool! Why? Because it really scrapes. You can just as easily scrape a hole in a car door as you could scrape a few layers of paint off an old front door.

I noticed the new one is different, with a design change to allow more exposed blade at the edges. Should help getting in tight corners.

If I had a highly recommended list, the Bahco Carbide Scraper would be on it!

Bahco 665 Premium Ergonomic Carbide Scraper

Bahco 650 2-edge Wood/paint Scraper 2

Bahco 625 Triangle Detail Scraper

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