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Tool: Allway Tools Handy Saw – Pistol Grip Hacksaw

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This hacksaw has been mine since I was a small child. That means it’s vintage but not quite an antique, thanks. I kept this funky little hacksaw in My Red Toolbox for metal cuts in tight spaces or the odd emergency cut.



I stopped by my parents house about 20 years ago and found an old toolbox of mine. Actually it was a toolbox made for me, out of wood, by a craftsman and mentor. It’s got my name right on the top and I’ve had it since I was nine or ten years old. Inside I found this hacksaw and I threw it into My Red Toolbox for use on the job.

This type of hacksaw is not easy to use, the blade bends easily. I don’t care to buy replacement blades and have taken it out of the Red Toolbox and retired it. I do use a straight handled device for similar applications called the Stanley 20-220 Multi Saw that’s a little more functional.


I’ll admit I was a little surprised to find these for sale at
Allway Tool #HSN Handy Hand Saw/Blades
Handy Saw Blades Set of 2- Met

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