General Tools Pencil Compass

Tool: General Tools 842CP Pencil Compass Divider And Scriber

I thought I had already written about three of the compasses that I use in my shop but I can’t find the article or the images and now I find myself wondering if I dreamt about writing articles that don’t exist?


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Here is a compass that travels with me to every job inside My Red Toolbox. Bouncing around in my truck box, this compass requires reassembly before use but it’s precision adjustability is just the reason I prefer this one.

Since I’m baffled by the absence of any previous reference to a compass on this site I’m going to keep this short and go look for those pictures. Whoever made this compass neglected to mark it and they are sold under different names, Including General Tools.


General Tools 842CP Pencil Compass Divider And Scriber

— A better quality tool is the 8″ Compass by Treeline.

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