Jorgensen “Pony” Pipe Clamps

Tool: Jorgensen 50 Pony 3/4-Inch Pipe Clamp Fixture

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Description: The Jorgensen 3/4″ Pipe Clamp is a versatile and strong clamp fixture that utilizes 3/4″ black pipe with a threaded end. Once properly attached to a length of black pipe the Pony clamp fixture’s 5/8″ screw with “Acme” threads provides incredibly strong clamping power, easily applied. Continue reading Jorgensen “Pony” Pipe Clamps

Kinco #1939KWP – Gloves

A review of Gloves? Yes, gloves are in my toolbox and there’s a reason I was motivated to add these to the site.

Tool: Kinco #1939KWP Winter Work Gloves.

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Description: These Kinco winter gloves are mostly leather. The leather is nice and soft. The backs are bright yellow nylon with a highly reflective safety strip sewn on. They are moderately padded with “HeatKeep”® Insulation. Sewn next to the “HeatKeep” label is another quite interesting label that says “WATERPROOF”. That’s the label that prompted my purchase and later this online review. Continue reading Kinco #1939KWP – Gloves