Kinco #1939KWP – Gloves

A review of Gloves? Yes, gloves are in my toolbox and there’s a reason I was motivated to add these to the site.

Tool: Kinco #1939KWP Winter Work Gloves.

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Description: These Kinco winter gloves are mostly leather. The leather is nice and soft. The backs are bright yellow nylon with a highly reflective safety strip sewn on. They are moderately padded with “HeatKeep”® Insulation. Sewn next to the “HeatKeep” label is another quite interesting label that says “WATERPROOF”. That’s the label that prompted my purchase and later this online review.

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Experience: After wearing these Kinco insulated work gloves in various outdoor cold-weather conditions I have concluded that it is the label itself that the words “Water proof” apply to. These gloves are in no way water proof. I’m not sure they’re even water resistant. Maybe I got a bad pair but despite the fact wet hands are cold hands, I like these gloves.

Before I explain what I like about them I want to share the other issue I have with these gloves. Likely in an attempt to cut cost, they cut these gloves a bit short. They don’t quite cover my hand with the insulated part, which matters when it’s below freezing. I don’t have extra-large hands and this pair is size correctly for my hand, they just aren’t long enough to cover my wrists effectively. My wrists get cold!

The HeatKeep seems to be pretty effective insulation. The gloves aren’t too thick to work with large outdoor tools, fasteners excluded. I’ve been putting these to good use working primarily outdoors this winter. They do the trick until they are saturated.

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Link: I found similar ones on – check your size – I like mine better (before they were stamped with a giant “Kinco” on the reflective stripe.) Pigskin Waterprf knit wrist – XL – Kinco Work Gloves (1939KWP-XL)

2 thoughts on “Kinco #1939KWP – Gloves”

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    1. Ordinarily I wouldn’t approve advertisement comments but after looking over your site, approve of the idea and it’s relevance to my site’s appreciation for quality products. I like the idea of functional clothing and often wear police tactical clothing and footwear for carpentry duty. I majored in Apparel Management at a textile school and have had many ideas for work clothes over the years. I’ve purchased several “construction” oriented pants but haven’t found a favorite.

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