Kim’s 1997 Poplar Door Jig

Well, this may be the first ‘tool’ on this site that I made. A jig is certainly a tool and this one, though slapped together in 1997 is still put to use on site. Yesterday I used this to hinge some closet doors and it works like a charm.

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This device is used to hold a door while the installer mortises the door’s edge for hinges. A quick flip of the door in this jig and I drilled for ball catches. Thought I’d throw this handy device on today since it’s served as a tool in my arsenal for more than a decade and still in use today.

This particular jig was nailed together to fit up to a 1-3/4″ door but narrows at the top to grip the standard 1-3/8″ door. Pulling the uprights apart allows the door to slide between posts without marring the finish, something that matters when operating on the ultra-cheap Home Depot hollow-core 6-panel doors which are now built almost entirely out of soft paper. The doors I installed yesterday were garbage… which makes putting a few hours into them seem a waste of labor. For $50 more, a solid wood 6-panel would have been a smarter use of funds.

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