Tajima CR202B Ultra Thin Chalk Line

Tool: Tajima CR202B Chalk-Rite II Ultra Thin Chalk Line

Precision is what a chalk line should be about. Until I found the Tajima CR202B Ultra Thin line I never experienced such fine marks despite a large collection of chalk boxes. This is a love-at-first-use tool. My Tajima is an awesome chalk line that makes one wonder where it’s been all these years and starts a hankering to experience more Tajima products.



The Tajima CR202B-P Chalk-Rite II Ultra Thin Chalk Box:

  • Contractor-grade chalk snap-line with 100 ft of premium-grade ultra thin line
  • Smooth gear-drive winding, up to 3 times faster than standard snap-lines
  • Compact, fits comfortably in the palm of your hand yet holds up to 1.6 oz. of chalk
  • Durable, heavy-gauge die-cast aluminum case with folding crank
  • Positive gear-lock line hold, automatically releases during rewind

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A line snapped with a chalk line during typical construction might just be for an incredibly important task. Lines are snapped to mark the location of a ledger holding your addition, or on the roof sheathing to set the visual path of shingles  …it may just be a line you need to cut along a sheet of plywood or a myriad of other surfaces and locations. More oft than not, a line snapped with a chalk box sets the future for years to come. After 20 years of snapping fat, blurry, double, over-shot, curved and fragmented lines with the cheapest of chalk lines, I am super-pleased to find a real tool. My other chalk lines are garbage compared to the Tajima Ultra Thin Chalk Line~!
A chalk line is one of the very few tools that I actually carry with me in My Tool Belt.

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This ToolboxBlog.com articles is less of a Tajima Chalk Line review than it is pure boasting that I have one of the greatest tools, if not the greatest, in it’s class! I really doubt you can go wrong purchasing one of these Ultra-Thin lines. Seeing the prices on Amazon while writing this, I’ve decided to buy the CR201R Extra Bold and give it a go.


Tajima CR202B-P Chalk-Rite II Ultra Thin Chalk Box

Tajima CR202B-0 Chalk-Rite Gear Drive -InchUltra-Thin-Inch Chalk Snap Line

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  1. Hi mate,

    Would you recommand the Ultra thin model over the Bold as a first purchase ?
    Did you finally try the CR201R bold as you wrote ?

    Many thanks

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