Klein 11055 Klein-Kurve Wire Stripper

Tool: Klein 11055 Klein-Kurve Wire Stripper

As a carpenter, my job includes a little of everything but most of the wire pulling, stripping and connecting on a job site is left to the electricians. As a handyman, though, the tasks of the electrician are commonplace and buying the correct tool for a job increases one’s efficiency and productivity.


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Those who know… know Klein Tools are some of the best in the electrician’s bag and these Klein-Kurve strippers are no exception. I spent more than a decade with my rusty, well-used Stanley 84-199 Electrical Stripper Pliers before losing them along the way. Since I’ve been doing so many outlets, Cat-5 and phone lines I decided to spend $5 more for a professional tool: The Klein 11055 Klein-Kurve Wire Stripper/Cutter.


To those using Klein Tools these are a quality wire stripper made in the USA. They’re a pleasure to use compared to the economical pair I used for so many years but they have a simple issue that’s annoying as can be: The handle lock constantly locks… or unlocks on it’s own. As you squeeze the handles the lock catches and they don’t open. When drop them in my tool pouch the lock releases and they spring open, hence the less than perfect rating. [Maybe I could bend the lock mechanism so it’s tighter but I risk making it too tight and would have to unbend them.. so… from the factory – this pair sucks. They work great as stripper/cutters but the lock mechanism is a real pain in the …


There is nothing like owning professional tools. I would recommend Klein Tools to homeowners and professional alike. Sometimes the cost doesn’t match the task at hand, as was the case for me working on a vacation home so I saved money when purchasing wire cutters at the Depot buying the 9″ Commercial Electric brand for $15 instead of the Kleins for $45.


Find quality Klein Tools on Amazon.com at competitive prices.

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