Bahco Detail Carbide Scraper

Tool: Bahco Triangle Detail Scraper

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I really like this little scraper. It’s a dangerous little beast and can cut through most finishes, if not most materials. I’m certain if Carry Underwood dug the Bahco scraper into the side of her boyfriend’s suped-up 4-wheel drive it would have been irreparable.


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I reviewed the Sandvik/Bahco Carbide Scraper in 2009. These scrapers are some of my favorite tools and I use them often. I have three of the Bahco scrapers and appreciate the strength, positive grip and effective performance. The Bahco detail scraper has a small triangular carbide tip that can be rotated if one side of the triangular blade dulls. The precise corners of this blade allow it to access the smaller detail lines of window dividers, crown moulding or casings and it digs deep into most any material.


Use of this tool comes with a cautionary note: Be careful not to damage or destroy the woodwork by using too much force. It’s an effective tool for removing unwanted finish in the hard to access crevices of wood trim.

Some day I’ll find an old car that I can prove my opening comment on.


Links: Bahco 625 Premium Ergonomic Carbide Scraper.



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