North Brothers Yankee Handyman No. 133H

Tool: Yankee Handyman No. 133H, North Brothers Manufacturing Company

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As usual, before I write about a tool on, I do a bit of online research to see what other’s are saying. Thanks to Ron’s Woodshop, I learned a little about the number system with this old Yankee driver. If Ron is correct, the number 1 in the model No. 133 indicates this driver has a spring. So, it is a model 33 with a spring, making it No. 133H.
I do recommend checking out Ron’s page on Yankee drivers solely for the video at the end where, neglecting to pre-drill, he struggles to drive screws into a board with two Yankee drivers. I watched the video because it says for the “bloody-minded” but I never did see him rip any skin. Oh well, I don’t really like horror movies anyway and I’ve ripped more skin in a year than the average human does in a decade. 

My Yankee Handyman No. 133H is a fine example of a working push drill. This one has the description printed on the shaft: Yankee Handyman No. 133H, North Bros Mfg Co, Div of Stanley Tools, Phila. Pa. U.S.A.

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I’ve added a few Yankee drivers from my workshop to already; The North Bros. 130A, and two Miller’s Falls push drills; 185A and this one. I should retract my dated statement that I don’t use these in my shop because since 2009, I’ve experimented with restoring a few pieces of antique furniture using only tools that predate my birth (antiques), including my useful Millers Falls Antique Push Drill.

This Yankee Handyman shows a bit of age, but still operates smoothly despite the bent bit that’s in it at the time the photos were taken. It belonged to my father and I’ve since inherited it and added it to my rack of old tools. I hope you enjoyed the photos and brief description. Thanks for visiting.


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  1. I have a Yankee Handy Man Number 33H (no automatic spring) from my Grandfather (now I are one myself) have only 1 each 7/32nd Flat Tip Screw Driver Bit. I have used one of these for years and they are still great tools. Grand Father had a really big on that I used a lot as a young Teenager. This 33H is one of the few pieces I have left to remember my Grandfather with. I would like to get some more Screw Driver Bits to use it more often and remember him still.

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