Sorry Makita, I really wanted to like my Makita LS1013FL saw

I tried to love my Makita LS1013FL but it’s done broke and a bugger to boot. Whatever that means.

I haven’t visited my own in a while. I use tools everyday. One of my favorite tools is my pocket knife. I lost my two everyday knives and feel the loss everyday. Anyway, I’m revisiting the Makita LS1013FL which I previously talked about here on

While I still love the motor.. it’s smooth start and finish… the easy push-pull …up and down… and side to side… But WHAT THE HELL WAS MAKITA THINKING when they put the angle indicator at the fence?


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Oh, whoops, you can’t see the indicator because there is a 3/4″ piece of wood against the fence.

See, here it is a little closer… When you look at this photo, tell me… can you see what angle you are about to cut? Can you clearly set the angle while a thin piece of wood is against the fence? I happened to have secured this piece to the fence with screws only to learn I couldn’t see the angle I was about to cut.

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Yeah, that’s great.

Combine that with the fact the detent rod on this machine long since fell off. There are no detents when adjusting the angle… yeah, it’s a PITA but I deal.

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This Makita LS1013FL needs to be replaced immediately.

In it’s defense… this saw has seen more flash rainstorms than a finish carpenter would care to be caught in and still works. A few times .. I took it apart, dumped out the water and dried it best I could before trying the next morning before work. It has traveled and continually cut and cut smoothly. My delightful delve into the smooth operating Makita LS1013FL was short lived. I likely won’t even investigate the newest blue saw to see if they fixed the idiotic placement of the angle indicator. ..It’s like the most used part of the saw.. why is it so far away from my face? Perhaps it should just be digital and sent to my eyewear. Good night LS1013FL

2 thoughts on “Sorry Makita, I really wanted to like my Makita LS1013FL saw”

  1. I agree too, that is my biggest beef with the saw and almost kept me from buying it originally. Now after using it every day for 5? years, I have just kinda gotten used to it.

    Another thing that bugs me about almost all miter saws is the the detent release doesn’t lock. Milwaukee’s saws you can lock the detent lock off so you can get that 45.3* angle, or 22.1 or what ever without having to hold the button with one hand, and tighten the handle with the other. If the detent lock is off, you can flip the saw from 45 one way, to 45 the other way without it stopping. It is very handy at times.

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