Fini Biscout Air Compressor Revisited

Tool: Fini Biscout Air Compressor – Revisited


I’ve already added my Fini Biscout Air Compressor to In that listing, I praised this  little compressor for running 20 years with no maintenance. A seeming anomaly in the modern world of motorized tools.

A year after I left my little compressor outside for the moth of January, I decided to restore it only to find it works perfectly… now 23 years ~ no maintenance~!!!

Hurricane Sandy split a large tree, half of which fell on that fateful October. The other half waited until 21 December, 2012 before it crushed a portion of my neighbor’s house. I used my trustworthy Fini Biscout to help reassemble the house in time for Santa’s visit. Job well done but.. cut huge tree out of bedroom and rebuild 25% of a house in two days must have frazzled my brain because I left my Fini Biscout compressor on that job site. …from 24 Dec… until I found it a moon later.. through many snow and rain storms. It was dead.

January 2014. I brought it inside and took it apart to find the problem, testing along the way.  Since the problem wasn’t a problem as much as a simple oversight… I pressed the reset button and guess what… yep, It started right up. I snapped a picture and reassembled it.


I’ve had this compressor since the early 1990’s. I have now left it outside for the month of January in New England.. I’ve assembled 100’s of homes, 1000’s of feet of trim… more likely 10’s of thousands of feet of trim… inflated, blown dust, charged my H2O tank dozens of times and all of it without a single part replaced and nothing more than adding oil Once… possibly twice but I don’t think so.

This has been one of my best tool purchases, Ever~!


I love the pictures below that show the original color paint on the motor mount area. It’s bright and it’s just as ugly as the day I purchased it. What a strange little oddball compressor. I have always been a poor carpenter and I distinctly remember the sales guy saying: “Get this one, you’ll be glad. It’s a good little machine.” … I bought this solely on a moment-of-purchase recommendation.



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