Welcome to Toolboxblog.com. My name is Walter. I am a carpenter by trade and use a wide variety of tools on a weekly basis. After years of apprentice carpentry, I started working on my own with a General Contractor license in the state of California. I later moved to New England where I’ve been involved with historic restoration and period remodeling as a Home Improvement Contractor, pursuing cabinet and furniture making as a hobby and side profession.

The majority of my tools are for General Construction with a specialty in fine woodworking. I have tools and experience with a wide variety of materials including metal, lapidary, plastic, textile, glass and more.

Toolbox blog tool reviews are full of my ‘opinions’. I don’t get paid by tool manufacturers for positive tool reviews or promotion of their product, I pay tool companies for what I need to get the job done and get food on my table. When a tool is poor quality, breaks or has design flaws it’s a real learning experience! Learn how to be patient, learn to buy quality, learn to improvise and learn not to make sacrifices on the things you need to support your life. I hope to pass on some of my learning on ToolBoxblog.com.

Building this site has been very beneficial for my workshop. Every day I dig out a tool for review results in another clean shelf, a bit more organization and a better perspective on my life. I hope you found something worthwhile while visiting ToolboxBlog.com and will visit again.

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