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Bucket Boss Brand Liars Suspenders

Tool: Bucket Boss Brand 2″ Liars Suspenders

Starting this article with the phrase: “Maybe I got a bad pair but…” might not be as bad as me saying: Don’t click the hyperlink Bucket Boss Brand Liars Suspenders to buy these suspenders.

These suspenders are not only crap, they are completely worthless. Despite the silly pattern and good sized clips the elastic bands aren’t designed to hold a more than a few ounces and the suspender wouldn’t adjust to fit this 5′-10″ carpenter.

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Nite Ize Carabiner Figure 9

Tool: Nite Ize Figure 9 Rope Tightener

I almost hate to start talking about the Nite Ize Figure 9 because not only is it a great addition to my toolbox but it brings to mind a host of new products that had to have crossed my ever-inventive mind of the decades but never acted upon. This is the kind of thing sure to please any inventor, it’s a decent quality product that works great and will sell a million~!

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Kinco #1939KWP – Gloves

A review of Gloves? Yes, gloves are in my toolbox and there’s a reason I was motivated to add these to the site.

Tool: Kinco #1939KWP Winter Work Gloves.

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Description: These Kinco winter gloves are mostly leather. The leather is nice and soft. The backs are bright yellow nylon with a highly reflective safety strip sewn on. They are moderately padded with “HeatKeep”® Insulation. Sewn next to the “HeatKeep” label is another quite interesting label that says “WATERPROOF”. That’s the label that prompted my purchase and later this online review. Continue reading Kinco #1939KWP – Gloves

Delta 17-940 25-Piece Sanding Drum Kit

Tool: Delta 17-940 25-Piece Sanding Drum Kit

I originally purchased the Delta Sanding Drum Kit for my drill press. Pop one of these on and lower the press and I’ve got the spindle sander I needed. So versatile this kit has proven I own two. I didn’t want to steal drums from my drill press to use in the rougher arena of my job.

[rating:4] – decent value, any longer one?

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