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Woodstock International W1099 12″ Dovetail Jig

Tool: Woodstock International W1099 12″ Dovetail Jig

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Limited to 5/8″ stock up to almost 12″ wide. Plastic template guide and ineffective “unique cam-action clamping system.”

I used this jig once. The experience was abysmal. I set it on a shelf for 10 years, then sold it on eBay. Why? Because, as memory serves, it would only accept up to 5/8″ thick boards. I’m not sure about you but I’ve never put a 1/2″ drawer face on. Sure I make drawer boxes out of 1/2″ stock and then add a 3/4″ face to them but if you’re going to use a dovetail jig then why limit it to such thin stock. In order to use this jig I had to thickness plane my 3/4″ stock to fit in the jig. In other words, you can’t use this jig for anything other than making drawer boxes and at that point, why bother using a jig to make a 4″ joint? The W1099 jig is also limited to 12″ pieces making it worthless for larger projects… no, you can’t slide the piece over and continue, it’s a one shot 1/2″ thick up to 12″ wide edge and that’s it. Used once… then discarded.

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Apparently the company has replaced the model W1099 with the newer D2796 that accepts up to 1 1/4″ material. Guess they figured out the limitation of 5/8″ stock made the original less than desirable.

Note: I realize this is a crappy review but this thing was a piece of crap. Also the review is written a decade after my first and only use of the jig. Basically, I’m just documenting the fact I made the mistake of buying this tool.

Tricam 10-inch No Flat Hand Truck Tires

I just ordered some solid tires to replace the dreaded pneumatic tires on my Harper Hand Truck. After checking with Google shopping I chose for it’s free shipping and splurged for the Tricam MH2375 Universal 10-Inch No Flat Tire, Red
I chose the red ones because, at the same price, they look ridiculous. A bonus.

Just checking in to let you know I’ll be updating the site a bit more regularly now that I’ve returned from a long summer break.

Thoroughbred Tote-A-Horse Jobsite Sawhorses

Tool: Thoroughbred Tote-A-Horse sawhorses.

I wish I had more pictures for you to show just how strong these Thoroughbred Tote-A-Horse stands are. I have used them on every job I’ve had for the past ten years. Testing their limits, I’ve put far more weight than is safe on them and they still haven’t quit. Watch your fingers when folding closed.


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Porter-Cable 698 Bench Top Router Table

Tool: Porter-Cable 698 Router Table

Even though it’s the only router table set up in my shop at the moment the Porter-Cable 698 has a few drawbacks. The fence altogether sucks. It’s held in place by two really long thumbscrews threaded into the table top. If you don’t immediately cut them down to 1″ you’ll be twisting for 20 minutes to get the fence off. You’ll need to take the fence off because it’s limited to a very small range of movement.

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Rousseau Porta Max 2700XL Table Saw Stand

Tool: Rousseau Porta Max 2700XL Table Saw Stand

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The Rousseau Porta Max Table Saw Stand has been the foundation of my mobile construction shop for over a decade. The 2700xl equipped with a 10″ Makita table saw and the optional #2720 outfeed table provide a solid platform for ripping sheet-goods and supporting other powertools.

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Ridgid MS-UV Miter Saw Utility Vehicle

Tool: Ridgid MS-UV Miter Saw Utility Vehicle

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Description: This stand has everything and it weighs it. There are nice steel rollers on multi-direction adjustable support arms. Fasten your saw to removable  mounting rails that simply clamp to the stand for easy attachment and removal. It’s got great levers to tighten all the adjustments. There are poorly designed legs that pull out and pivot down from the extensions.

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Harper hand truck

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I was raised hearing the expression; “If you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all.” Although these are good words to live by, certain tools cause such frustration they warrant an expressly negative remark. The Rigid MS-UV was motivation for this website.

In brief; Don’t buy this economy model hand truck with pneumatic tires even if, like me, you just need to move something once and the price is right for the job. It’s not worth it if a tire runs flat and you won’t be able to repair it on site.

[Update comment: 1/21/14 ~ A 1-star rating is so unfair. After I purchased no-flat tires ~ this hand-truck is still my goto tool for furniture, yard work, and VERY heavy lifting ~ over 500lbs repeatedly. I’ll leave my review as-is, though I may not endure these comments today.]

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