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Harper hand truck

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I was raised hearing the expression; “If you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all.” Although these are good words to live by, certain tools cause such frustration they warrant an expressly negative remark. The Rigid MS-UV was motivation for this website.

In brief; Don’t buy this economy model hand truck with pneumatic tires even if, like me, you just need to move something once and the price is right for the job. It’s not worth it if a tire runs flat and you won’t be able to repair it on site.

[Update comment: 1/21/14 ~ A 1-star rating is so unfair. After I purchased no-flat tires ~ this hand-truck is still my goto tool for furniture, yard work, and VERY heavy lifting ~ over 500lbs repeatedly. I’ll leave my review as-is, though I may not endure these comments today.]

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