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ECHO SRM-210 Grass Trimmer, fuel tank repair

Tool: Echo SRM-210 Gas Powered Grass Trimmer

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What do you get when you whack weeds barefoot? Most likely you’ll get hurt badly, but if you’re lucky you’ll still have all your toes and your feet will just be a little banged up and covered with bits of grass – Never do as I do, nor as I say… 😉

A small animal, perhaps a squirrel or some mice, ate a hole through my Echo Grass Trimmer’s fuel tank over the winter. When I pulled out my SRM-210 this spring it started right up! …And then I noticed gasoline sloshing out and dripping down the back of my leg. Oh no, there’s a large hole in the tank. Not a small pinhole, or a little damaged spot, but a 3/4″ wide-open hole that’s large enough for mice to have crawled inside for a long winter nap. What to do? Continue reading ECHO SRM-210 Grass Trimmer, fuel tank repair