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North Brothers Yankee Handyman No. 133H

Tool: Yankee Handyman No. 133H, North Brothers Manufacturing Company

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As usual, before I write about a tool on, I do a bit of online research to see what other’s are saying. Thanks to Ron’s Woodshop, I learned a little about the number system with this old Yankee driver. If Ron is correct, the number 1 in the model No. 133 indicates this driver has a spring. So, it is a model 33 with a spring, making it No. 133H.
I do recommend checking out Ron’s page on Yankee drivers solely for the video at the end where, neglecting to pre-drill, he struggles to drive screws into a board with two Yankee drivers. I watched the video because it says for the “bloody-minded” but I never did see him rip any skin. Oh well, I don’t really like horror movies anyway and I’ve ripped more skin in a year than the average human does in a decade.  Continue reading North Brothers Yankee Handyman No. 133H

Millers Falls Antique Push Drill

Tool: Millers Falls Co. Wooden Handled Push Drill with Bits

My second Millers Falls Push Drill on features a wooden handle with a complete set of bits stored beneath it’s removable wooden cap. (See the other one) I’m not precisely sure where I got this Millers Falls Co. Push Drill but it’s been in my ‘abandoned tools’ box for years.

Continue reading Millers Falls Antique Push Drill