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Generic Drywall Jab Saw

Tool: A Sheetrock Saw

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Guess what tool I needed but didn’t have with me today! Since I emptied and removed my truck boxes to move something huge, I haven’t quite returned all the tools to the box. I’ve been carrying nearly 100 hand tools for the past forever and thought I’d go through them and carry just what I need. Today I needed a sheetrock saw and didn’t have one with me so I used a razor knife.

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Allway Tools Antique Handy Saw

Tool: Old Allway Tools Handy Saw.

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Sometimes I liken my learning to hacking my way through a jungle, seldom taking time to cut a precise path. In my haste to use a tool to complete a task I sometimes overlook features of the tool, possibly even features that would improve my experience.

I recently added the Allway Tools Handy Saw to as one of the tools in my red toolbox. That Handy Saw I had owned since I was a youngin’. I dicsovered I also own this very old Allway Tools hand saw. Continue reading Allway Tools Antique Handy Saw

Marples 12″ Beechwood Bow Saw

Tool: Marples Woodworker’s Bow Saw

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A tool inherited from a friend and mentor, my Marples Bow Saw hangs proudly in a prominent spot on my wall of tools but sees very little use throughout the years. Also known as a Frame Saw the traditional Bow Saw is a rip saw used for resawing. Fitted with a narrow blade a Frame Saw is very similar to the smaller Coping Saw used for cutting curves. A Frame Saw with a narrow blade used for curved cutting might be called a Turning Saw.

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Gyokucho Ryoba Noko Giri – Japanese Pull Saw

Tool: Ryoba Noko Giri – Gyokucho 9-1/2″ Double Edge RazorSaw

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Switching from the British backsaw to the Japanese pull saw was the second most important fundamental change in my toolbox. The economically priced Gyokucho Ryoba Noko Giri is perfect for my interior carpentry work. With replacement blades less than $15 this is the perfect jobsite tool. It’s flexible, precise and quick.


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