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Bahco Detail Carbide Scraper

Tool: Bahco Triangle Detail Scraper

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I really like this little scraper. It’s a dangerous little beast and can cut through most finishes, if not most materials. I’m certain if Carry Underwood dug the Bahco scraper into the side of her boyfriend’s suped-up 4-wheel drive it would have been irreparable.

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The little things

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When I’m not reaching for a pencil I’m likely to be reaching for one of the little tools sitting on a slice of reclaimed mahogany that I use more than all the tools on Oddly enough, I only bought a few of them.

It’s interesting how some of the tools I appreciate the most I didn’t anticipate owning. Certain tools, like the odd-shaped blade with the dark wood handle, find their way into your shop and take a favorite spot.

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Cold Steel Trail Boss Axe

Tool: Cold Steel Trail Boss Camp Axe

For thousand of years the Axe has been a quintessential tool for humankind. Once an integral part of every carpenter’s tool box, the axe is rich with symbolism, history and function. An Axe is a bad-ass tool in the hands of a carpenter and the Trail Boss was an instant favorite that I now carry in my truck day-to-day! Though I queued up nearly a dozen Fiskar and Gerber modern ceramic chopping tools before purchasing this traditional steel axe with it’s hickory handle, I am very happy with my purchase.

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Kinco #1939KWP – Gloves

A review of Gloves? Yes, gloves are in my toolbox and there’s a reason I was motivated to add these to the site.

Tool: Kinco #1939KWP Winter Work Gloves.

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Description: These Kinco winter gloves are mostly leather. The leather is nice and soft. The backs are bright yellow nylon with a highly reflective safety strip sewn on. They are moderately padded with “HeatKeep”® Insulation. Sewn next to the “HeatKeep” label is another quite interesting label that says “WATERPROOF”. That’s the label that prompted my purchase and later this online review. Continue reading Kinco #1939KWP – Gloves

North Bros Yankee Screwdriver No. 130

Tool: “Yankee” No. 130 by North Bros Mfg Co.

Another tool that I received as a gift in a small box of antique tools. This North Bros. Yankee Screwdriver is in great working condition though I don’t really use it. North Brothers made the original “Yankee” spiral ratchet screwdrivers with removable tips, beginning in 1899.

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DMT 6″ Diamond Whetstone Sharpener

Tool: DMT 6″ Diamond Whetstone Sharpener

Most of my woodworking tools are only as good as they are sharp. After learning how to correctly sharpen my chisels and plane blades my skill level as a carpenter changed forever. A properly sharpened chisel is a much more versatile tool. If you are using oil stones, like an Arkansas Stone, I suggest the DMT W6F and W6C Diamond Sharpeners.


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