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Bosch 1611EVS Plunge Router

Tool: Bosch 1611EVS Plunge Router

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Another tool on that I’ve owned for a very long time and still use regularly, my Bosch 1611EVS 3+HP Plunge Router. When it’s not upside down attached to my Rousseau Stand in the Router Table Extension, I’m using this router for my heavy work and plunge routing.


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Porter-Cable 3102, 3101 – Laminate Trimmer

Tool: Porter-Cable 3102 HD Power Unit with 3101 Laminate Trimmer base.

My Porter-Cable Laminate Trimmer is a combination of the 3102 HD Power Unit matched with the 3101 Laminate Trimmer Base. Although it’s called a “Laminate Trimmer”, and I’ve used it frequently for over a decade, I am not sure I’ve ever trimmed laminate with this mini router.


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