My Red Toolbox

A carpenter’s tasks vary throughout each day. In addition to my Toolbelt and my Tool bag of every day favorites, I carry a Red Toolbox in my truck full of hand tools. Most of those tools I don’t use everyday but none-the-less I always have them with me. Here is an image list of the tools I carry in my Red Toolbox.

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7 thoughts on “My Red Toolbox”

    1. Dave, Ironically and Unfortunately – Finding a replacement handle combined with the cost of a new Dead On hammer started me using the Vaughan Framer.

      The handles used to be available through (I would visit my local Woodworker’s Club – A Woodcraft storefront.) For some reason, the replacement handles just weren’t the same.

      I’m pretty sure Hart hammer is now made by Dead-On. …which I don’t like as much as the refined Hart Hammers.

      I still have and use a half-dozen different weights. Good Luck, and if you find a suitable one, lemme know.

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