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A 1905 Starrett gauge, but what is it?

Admittedly, I own a select few inherited tools that I have no experience with. Here’s an antique Starrett tool that has me wondering: What is it?

While cleaning my shop this week after using the destructive, chip throwing “Lancelot“, I found this tool on my top shelf (yes, unfortunately, wood chips covered everything, reinforcing the notion of using my “assembly table” for assembly only.)

Can I assume since it’s Starrett that it’s for measuring? Sure, it’s got a rubber wheel that when rolled, turns a dial that is labelled from 0-100 with inexplicably odd numbers at each mark around the dial: 19,28,37,46, 55… – I see a pattern here.

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Millers Falls Antique Push Drill

Tool: Millers Falls Co. Wooden Handled Push Drill with Bits

My second Millers Falls Push Drill on Toolboxblog.com features a wooden handle with a complete set of bits stored beneath it’s removable wooden cap. (See the other one) I’m not precisely sure where I got this Millers Falls Co. Push Drill but it’s been in my ‘abandoned tools’ box for years.

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H.D. Smith & Co Nut Wrench

Tool: H.D. Smith & Co Nut Wrench

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This nut wrench was owned by an upholster. His name is stamped on every tool and multiple times on each one: J. Lainc. It’s almost obsessive how many times he stamped his name on some of the handles, tool bodies and cases. Here is another turn of the century tool from his magic box.

Check out this photo showing the maker’s mark.

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Yes, I’ve used it. It’s not like I gently place this tool in some velvet case. It’s tossed in with a mess of other hand tools in my “overflow bin” – tools I haven’t hung above my workbench yet, that I use often enough to have them on the workbench shelf. It’s of a hardy breed.

Patent Marked Feb. 26 1901 this Perfect Handle Wrench must have cranked around a lot of nuts. The reverse side of this H.D. Smith Wrench is stamped 1985. Any ideas why?

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Keuffel & Esser Antique Tape Measure

Tool: Keuffel & Esser Antique Leather/Cloth Tape Measure

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This Keuffel & Esser Cloth Tape Measure is the first antique tool posted on ToolboxBlog.com and with it comes a story of Woodworker’s fate. I’m talking about two kinds of fate here; the kind which befell the original owner and the kind which landed his tools in this woodworker’s hands.

A Keuffel & Esser Tape Measure was included in the 1939 World’s Fair Time Capsule.

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