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Bahco Detail Carbide Scraper

Tool: Bahco Triangle Detail Scraper

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I really like this little scraper. It’s a dangerous little beast and can cut through most finishes, if not most materials. I’m certain if Carry Underwood dug the Bahco scraper into the side of her boyfriend’s suped-up 4-wheel drive it would have been irreparable.

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Sandvik (Bahco) Carbide Scraper

Tool: Bahco Carbide Scraper

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The Bahco Carbide Scraper is of my favorite tools! I know that may seem odd since I’m a carpenter, not a painter, but this carbide scraper does it’s job perfectly which is more than I can say for most tools. I was reunited with my lost Sandvik Carbide Scraper today prompting this gallery of my Sandvik/Bahco contractor-grade scrapers.


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