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Bosch 1611EVS Plunge Router

Tool: Bosch 1611EVS Plunge Router

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Another tool on ToolboxBlog.com that I’ve owned for a very long time and still use regularly, my Bosch 1611EVS 3+HP Plunge Router. When it’s not upside down attached to my Rousseau Stand in the Router Table Extension, I’m using this router for my heavy work and plunge routing.


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Bosch B7000 Corner Detail Sander

Tool: Bosch B7000 Corner Sander

A triangular orbital sander for corner and detail sanding the Bosch B7000 is probably long outdated but this one is still working fine. Fine, not Fein, this sander gets in corners and right up to the edge where a larger sander won’t fit. I’ve used my Bosch B7000 only a few times in the last couple of years, my jobs just don’t call for much detail sanding these days.


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Bosch 1634VS Reciprocating Saw

Tool: Bosch 1634VS Reciprocating Saw

The Bosch 1634VS is also known as the Bosch Panther. The Bosch Panther is a German tank, not to be confused with the Panzer. I don’t know of a harder hitting machine; with it’s 10.5 Amp variable speed motor and it’s hefty weight I’ve taken down houses with this one.

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Bosch 3915 10 inch Compound Miter Saw

Tool: Bosch 3915 10-inch Slide Compound Miter saw

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The single most important tool for my work is the sliding compound miter saw. The Bosch 3915 that I have used for the last decade replaced my aged Hitachi C8F. I remember deciding on the German/American Bosch saw and I didn’t go wrong.


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