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Bostitch N70 Pneumatic Framing Nailer

Tool: Bostitch N70 Framing Nailer

Could this be the only tool in my shop that isn’t working? Anything I say about this gun would be speculation because this unit has never fired a nail. Despite the picture showing a half clip of nails locked and loaded, this Bostitch N70 Framing Nailer never worked. Happy Friday the 13th.

I can’t justifiably rate this tool.

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Bostitch H2B Hammer Tacker

Tool: Bostitch H2B Hammer Tacker

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One of the best tools in my truck is the Bostitch H2B Hammer Tacker. This is such a great tool that it’s almost a shame it’s a stapler. If they stopped making the H2B, I feel badly for everyone that has to tack on house wrap, staple insulation or apply roofing felt. This is by far, the best hammer tacker I know of.


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Bostitch N64C – Industrial Coil Siding/Fencing Nailer

Tool: Stanley Bostitch N64C – Industrial Coil Siding/Fencing Nailer
Date of Service: August 2003

The Bostitch N64C is a pneumatic coil nailer specifically for designed for fencing and siding nails. 15-Degree Wire Collated Hot Dipped Galvanized Ring Shank Coil Nails are grippy little bastards that aren’t likely to bend when misfired. The N64C is one of my better pneumatic nailers and my favorite siding nailer of the bunch.


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