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Fini Biscout Air Compressor Revisited

Tool: Fini Biscout Air Compressor – Revisited


I’ve already added my Fini Biscout Air Compressor to Toolboxblog.com. In that listing, I praised this  little compressor for running 20 years with no maintenance. A seeming anomaly in the modern world of motorized tools.

A year after I left my little compressor outside for the moth of January, I decided to restore it only to find it works perfectly… now 23 years ~ no maintenance~!!!

Hurricane Sandy split a large tree, half of which fell on that fateful October. The other half waited until 21 December, 2012 before it crushed a portion of my neighbor’s house. I used my trustworthy Fini Biscout to help reassemble the house in time for Santa’s visit. Job well done but.. cut huge tree out of bedroom and rebuild 25% of a house in two days must have frazzled my brain because I left my Fini Biscout compressor on that job site. …from 24 Dec… until I found it a moon later.. through many snow and rain storms. It was dead. Continue reading Fini Biscout Air Compressor Revisited