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A Starrett Dial Bore Gauge… What is this tool?

A site visitor named Christopher wrote to me asking for information on this Starrett tool:

Yes I am a machinist in training been involved in lots of cnc maching some manual for 5 years now and have found a id mic or bore gage with very sharp points just need to have an idea what it really is because it seems to do very large diameters but I cant really use it do to I can not scratch my parts all I know is the owner used to be a diesel mechanic if you can help me out it will be much appreciated… …here are some pics that I have of this mint condition dial bore gage hope this helps me out much appreciated been looking for a website for this for a while now… thank you very much

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Any ideas on this Starrett dial bore gauge; comment below, thanks.

A 1905 Starrett gauge, but what is it?

Admittedly, I own a select few inherited tools that I have no experience with. Here’s an antique Starrett tool that has me wondering: What is it?

While cleaning my shop this week after using the destructive, chip throwing “Lancelot“, I found this tool on my top shelf (yes, unfortunately, wood chips covered everything, reinforcing the notion of using my “assembly table” for assembly only.)

Can I assume since it’s Starrett that it’s for measuring? Sure, it’s got a rubber wheel that when rolled, turns a dial that is labelled from 0-100 with inexplicably odd numbers at each mark around the dial: 19,28,37,46, 55… – I see a pattern here.

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