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Workforce 16oz. Hammer

Tool: Workforce 16 ounce Hammer

I keep a few spare hammers in My Red Toolbox. This Workforce hammer cost a few dollars at a nearby Depot and has rarely, if ever, been used.


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I don’t need to say much about it except that as an employer I find myself lending a hammer to unskilled labor from time to time. Lending tools isn’t a big favorite of mine but when it’s a $7 hammer I have no qualms. I bought 3 hammers for less than $20 and found that one has become my day-to-day 16oz hammer.

This wooden handled 16 oz. Workforce Hammer is just along for the ride as a spare in My Red Toolbox.

Hart Replacement Hickory Framing Hammer Handle

Tool: Hart Replacement Hickory Framing Hammer Handle

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On display –> one discontinued spare part from My Red Toolbox. I carry a replacement handle for my favorite wood hammers; the Hart Tool Co. Hickory Framing Hammer. Displaying an unused spare hammer handle in April of 2009 is a testament to the durability of the Hart Tool Company hammers, which have been manufactured under a different name for years.

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