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6-Inch Combo Square

Tool: 6″ Combo Square

Many manufacturers offer combo squares in a variety of materials but the tool remains the same. One of my favorite tools in my belt, which I’ve carried for years, is the 6″ combo square. Sure, I use larger combo squares regularly but the 6″ is in my pouch ready for gauging and marking at any moment  …those moments come all day long at my job.


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Bridge City Tool Works CT-1 Squevel

Tool: Bridge City Tool Works CT-1 Squevel
Date of Service: 1993

Wow! Really one of my coolest tools. At first I thought these tools were too beautiful to use but it didn’t take me long to break them in. Today my limited edition Signature Series CT-1 Squevel is in constant use, though writing this post has brought to my attention it’s need for some TLC.


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Bridge City Tool Works – TS-2 Master Try Square

Tool: Bridge City Tool Works – TS-2 Master Try Square
Date of Service: December 1990

Every woodworker has a few prized tools that are put to use often. A few of the finest tools In my shop are made by Bridge City Tool Works, including the TS-2 Master Try Square which is engraved with my initials, birthday and the year of 1990.


Product Specifications:

  • 90 degrees, plus or minus 0.002″ over the blade length, inside and outside
  • 8″ (heel to toe)
  • 0.125″
  • 1.50″
  • 360 alloy, half-hard brass
  • Solid rosewood, faced on both sides with 360 alloy half-hard brass wear plates, rivets are anchored in solid brass seats, both sides

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I received the Bridge City Tool Works TS-2 Master Square as a birthday present from a fine cabinetmaker and an influential person in my life. Unfortunately he died before I grew up enough to share woodworking stories, experiences and learn from him. As we talked during his last few days I felt like I was being cast out alone into the woodworking world with no teacher since we had lived on opposite coasts of America during my beginnings and I had just returned to the East Coast; “How will I learn to be a craftsman without you?” He replied, “You are going to have to go out there and learn it for yourself like everyone else.”

I don’t own a tool more accurate or more beautiful. I value these tools more than any other for obvious reasons… but still I use them almost every day!

If you like the TS-2 check out my Bridge City Tool Works CT-1 Squevel.


TS-2 at Bridge City Tool Works – Out of production.