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Documenting a tool on it’s way out of my shop. Rare as it is, I occasionally part with a tool. I decided to sell this micrometer because I haven’t reached for it in 10 years.

Starrett Micrometer #230


By no form of measure am I considered to have, use or embrace “engineering” skills. I recently bought a digital dial caliper to measure small things and I still can’t get an accurate reading on teeny tiny watch parts and whatnot. So, in the experience column we’re going to have to put none. Ok, ok.. every guy with a shop as complete as mine has and uses a micrometer from time to time. Thing about this Starrett No. 230 Micrometer.. I use a much older micrometer made by Brown & Sharpe mfg. that came in a L.S. Starrett velvet lined case.

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A Starrett Dial Bore Gauge… What is this tool?

A site visitor named Christopher wrote to me asking for information on this Starrett tool:

Yes I am a machinist in training been involved in lots of cnc maching some manual for 5 years now and have found a id mic or bore gage with very sharp points just need to have an idea what it really is because it seems to do very large diameters but I cant really use it do to I can not scratch my parts all I know is the owner used to be a diesel mechanic if you can help me out it will be much appreciated… …here are some pics that I have of this mint condition dial bore gage hope this helps me out much appreciated been looking for a website for this for a while now… thank you very much

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Any ideas on this Starrett dial bore gauge; comment below, thanks.

A 1905 Starrett gauge, but what is it?

Admittedly, I own a select few inherited tools that I have no experience with. Here’s an antique Starrett tool that has me wondering: What is it?

While cleaning my shop this week after using the destructive, chip throwing “Lancelot“, I found this tool on my top shelf (yes, unfortunately, wood chips covered everything, reinforcing the notion of using my “assembly table” for assembly only.)

Can I assume since it’s Starrett that it’s for measuring? Sure, it’s got a rubber wheel that when rolled, turns a dial that is labelled from 0-100 with inexplicably odd numbers at each mark around the dial: 19,28,37,46, 55… – I see a pattern here.

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Starrett Series No. 162 Precision Pin Vises

Tool: L. S. Starrett No. 162 Series – Pin Vises

Ok, I admit to having no idea what this tool was called until a few minutes ago. The small tool for this week on Toolboxblog.com is the American made L.S. Starrett & Co. No. 162B Pin Vise from Starrett’s Machinists’ Precision Shop Tools. It’s one of my favorite small tools and once you’ve got an assortment of Pin Vise Twist Drill Bits you’ll find it to be an indispensable part of your woodworking shop.


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